LexMedia Classes

Summer Kids Movie Making Classes This summer 10 to 12 kids will gather at LexMedia (at Avalon) to make a movie or a series of TV shorts. They will take part in every aspect of production. It starts with a concept that we agree on, then we develop that concept and add characters, we then write the script and develop the story. And that’s only the first day! The next 4 days are spent refining what we started, rehearsing, learning to use the cameras and sound equipment and shooting the scenes. This is a hands on class. During this time the kids work together as a team. Collaboration, mutual respect and fun are the main goals of this one week class series…. That and an amazing high quality HD production! Cost $300. For more details contact mark@lexmedia.org or call 781-862-5388.

The dates are: Aug 20th – 24th. 11am-4pm. Open to 10-13 year olds.