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open PTO BOARD POSITIONS FOR 2018/19 – as of 5.24.18


  • VP Membership/directory





  • metco volunteers

  • 8th grade Moving on ceremony


  • hospitality 2




  • New to Lexington families info. hour 

  • webmaster

Scroll down to view descriptions and time commitment for each position.


Attends general PTO board meetings, typically the first Thursday morning of each month as well as any executive board meetings.
Organizes the agenda for board meetings and manages the PTO activity calendar.
Serves as the primary contact to the principal and holds regular check in meetings.
Attends and represents Clarke at PPC meetings, typically the first Wednesday morning of each month.
Oversees all committees and collects and updates contact information for all committee and board members.
Reviews the PTO budget with board members for approval and retains records of the PTO.
Serves as ex-officio member of other committees.

Time Commitment: 2 Year Commitment, typically 2 - 3 hours per week.

VP Membership/Directory

Serves as MSA (My School Anywhere) Communications Co-Coordinator.  Sends emails to families as requested by PTO Board Executive Members in a timely manner using the MSA system.  This position does not require a lot of investment of time.  The number of emails forwarded to families varies from week to week with some weeks of very low or no activity.  Coordinate printing of directories with the LSD printing service in late October.  Sort and distribute directories to teachers for further distribution to students.

Time Commitment2 Year Commitment

Team Parents (6th, 7th and 8th grade volunteers) 

Under the guidance of the VP of Team Parents, help team teachers with any requests they might have.  Only responsibilities are to send out occasional emails on behalf of the lead Teacher or PTO, ask for supplies and/or create a sign up genius for any team volunteer activities your lead teacher may need help with, and host one teacher appreciation breakfast. Much easier than elementary!

Time Commitment: 6 - 7 hours total

Socials and Dances (1 coordinator for 6th grade)

You will find this one of the easiest volunteer positions available and you’ll enjoy the opportunity to meet some of your child’s friends and teachers!  Coordinator communicates dates/times of socials for the weekly newsletter and solicits volunteers from each grade. Purchases all supplies for socials in advance and maintains inventory.

Time Commitment:
6th grade coordinator:  socials are 3-5pm in the cafeteria in the fall and spring.

Clarke Directory (2 volunteers)

Work with the VP of membership to print Clarke directories in late October.  Coordinate printing of directories with the LSD printing service.  Sort and distribute directories to teachers for further distribution to students.

Time Commitment:  4 hours in late October/ early November

Trivia Night (6 to 8 volunteers)

New this year, Trivia Night is a fundraiser and social event, bringing together Clarke parents and staff for an evening of fun.  We have everything you need to run the event—names and phone #’s for the venue contact and DJ, and sample forms for parents to fill out.  All you need to do is set a date in March and confirm it with Mr. Wettstone, sell tickets, help run a raffle and coordinate volunteers.  The DJ provides the trivia questions and fun so the evening pretty much runs itself.

Time Commitment: 2 year  commitment, 3 - 4 hours in March/early April

8th Grade Moving on Ceremony (3 volunteers  6th and/or 7th grade) 

Work with Clarke assistant principals to give our 8th graders and their families a memorable farewell.  Help with setup at LHS, organize the post ceremony reception, and recruit 6th/7th grade parents to help with the reception.

Time Commitment:  3 - 4 hours each in June

Staff Appreciation Luncheon (2 volunteers)

Organizes a luncheon for all staff twice a year, one in January and a second in May as way to give back and say thank you to our Clarke Teachers and Staff.  Coordinators request parents to donate items and to volunteer to help with setup and clean up, and invite teachers and staff to the event. You need to be present when parents drop off food and throughout the event.

Time Commitment: 4 - 6 hours

Welcome Back to School Picnic (min 4 volunteers)

Coordinate and recruit volunteers, contact food trucks (we have the names and #’s for the chicken and ice cream trucks) and send out a sign up genius for pizza orders.  Contact the DJ (we have the phone #) for entertainment and games for the kids.  Send Picnic announcement flyer to the VP Communications to include in weekly announcements.  Contact the following organizations (LEF, CAAL, IAL, etc.) to coordinate attendance.

Time Commitment: 2 hours per volunteer in September/ early October

Hospitality 1 (3 volunteers)

Coordinate two appreciation luncheons for Clarke teachers and staff within the budget provided.  The first luncheon takes place before school starts and the second and last takes place before school ends.  Lastly, coordinate dessert and drink donations during parent teacher conferences which take place late November or early December.

Time Commitment:  6 hours per volunteer

Hospitality 2

Coordinate gift cards and thank you cards for custodian and staff in December and at the end of school.

Time Commitment: 1 hour

Picture Day (3 volunteers) 

Assist on picture day and create a sign up genius to help recruit and organize parent volunteers for that day.

Time Commitment: 3 - 4 hours in September

METCO (3-5 volunteers)

Serve on the METCO committee to explore how the PTO can better integrate our Boston-based students and families within our Clarke community. As many of you likely recall, the elementary schools have the Family Friends program which essentially ends when students leave their respective elementary schools. The PTO is hoping to develop a corollary to that program at the middle school level with input from parent representatives from both Lexington-based and Boston-based families. 

Time Commitment:  3 - 4 meetings at mutually agreeable times

New to Lexington Families Info. Hour (1-2 volunteers)

The principal will host an information session for new to Lexington families for an hour before Back to School Night in October.  Help organize lemonade and cookies for new families, set up a few tables and contact the following organizations (LEF, CAAL, IAL, etc.) to attend.

Time Commitment: 2 - 3 hours in October


Maintain clarkepto.org.
Post volunteer opportunities and maintain the event calendar, updating as necessary throughout the year.
Update Weekly Announcements, Community Events and Classes.
Keep all pages up to date.
Content needs approval from and will be provided by VP Communications or PTO President.

Time Commitment: 2 years,  1 hour per week