Monthly Welcome Coffees: You are invited!

These informal gatherings help provide an overview of the town, school, and community services available.  Bring your questions, and meet some friendly people!  Get to know more about the community-service groups in town, including:  ABCL, CAAL, IAL, IFAA, KOLex, LHRC, LICA, LNC, LPC, SEPAC & SEPTA

The purpose of Lexington’s Community Coalition is to support a welcoming community that values wellness, inclusivity, respect, empathy, responsibility, compassion, community, kindness, and peace.

The Lexington Community Coalition includes town and school departments, individual volunteers, and community organizations who collaborate to align resources to support youth (and their families).

Specifically, we are working together to:
Reduce alcohol & substance use
Decrease atmosphere of competition
Support mental health for youth & families
At each Welcome Coffee our co-hosts facilitate the gathering and help provide information.  If we can’t answer a question, we will help find someone who can!

Contact:  Lana (; Mona (; Peter (; Jessie (
Learn more on Facebook: Lexington Community Coalition – Youth Initiative